NOSA’s White Paper on Oil Shale

NOSA recently prepared a White Paper that outlines what it believes should be the program and sequence of events that would, over time, lead to a commercial oil shale industry in the USA. NOSA has been seeking the support of Congress, Federal agencies, and State governments for the NOSA proposals put forth in the White Paper.

The White Paper is titled “U.S. Oil Shale Opportunity” with a subtitle “An Untapped Domestic Oil and Gas Resource Waiting to Create Jobs, Generate Tax & Royalty Revenues and Further Domestic Energy Security”.

Key recommendations from the White Paper

  • Congress should implement oil shale recommendations put forth in the 2005 Energy Policy Act and reassess the Final Report of the Task Force on Unconventional Fuels (2007)
  • An industry/government Oil Shale Advisory Board should be established to update the 2007 report and provide recommendations for a slower, more systematic approach to oil shale development.
  • Federal government should cooperate with industry to construct and operate oil shale demonstration plants soon so the technical, environmental, and socioeconomic issues can be addressed in a systematic way, thus avoiding the boom-and-bust cycles of the past.