About NOSA


The mission of the National Oil Shale Association (NOSA) is to educate the public about oil shale in the United States. The Association was formed in the 1970’s when it actively engaged in oil shale education.

NOSA was reinstated in 2007 in response to a renewed interest in oil shale.

The members of the Board of Directors of NOSA have extensive experience in oil shale and energy development. The Chairman is Justin Bilyeu. Its sustaining members include firms developing oil shale in Colorado and Utah.

There are two classes of membership: Sustaining and Associate Members. Sustaining Members are major players in oil shale development. Associate Members fall in one of three classes: Service & Equipment Companies, Individuals, and Non-Profit Organizations.

Copies of an application form and Bylaws are attached.
NOSA Welcomes New Members
Download NOSA Application form here as an Adobe PDF:  Application-Form
Download the bylaws of the National Oil Shale Association a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation

2020 Board of Directors

Adolph Lechtenberger, Red Leaf Resources, Salt Lake City, UT
Justin Bilyeu, Shale Tech International Services, Rifle, CO
Isak Stolen, Wheeler Machinery, Salt Lake City, UT
Chuck Whiteman, TerraCarta Energy Resources, Meeker, CO
Ed Cooley (Immediate Past Chairman), Independent Consultant, Rifle, CO

The Board has appointed the following officers for 2019:
Deena Stanley, Shale Tech International Services, Rifle, CO – Executive Director and Secretary/Treasurer

2020 Service and Equipment Company Members (tentative)
Stantec Consulting Services, Salt Lake City, UT
Sage Geotech Inc, Rifle, CO
Millcreek Mining Group, Salt Lake City, UT
IGES, Inc., South Salt Lake City, UT
ATP Services LLC, Glenwood Springs, CO

2019 Sustaining Members
Red Leaf Resources, South Jordan and Vernal, UT
Shale Tech International Services LLC, Rifle, CO
TerraCarta LLC, Wheaton, IL and Meeker, CO
Wheeler Machinery Co., Salt Lake City, UT

2019 individual Members (tentative)
Ten unnamed long-term supporters of NOSA